Isabel’s Catrinas are her “signature”

Isabel’s Catrinas are an original creation of the artist. They are Isabel’s “signature”.

These works are born from the idea of representing Mexico in its most intimate form and folklore through the representation of legends, customs and dresses original and typical of the individual states of this beautiful country.

Each Catrina embodies a legend of its place of origin and the use of one of the typical dresses.

At the moment there are four Catrinas

This collection of four Catrinas is a unique piece, not reproduced in series, handmade with a mixture of cardboard and squash and is part of a collection of collections that Isabel is producing in collaboration with Marco MC ( To raise funds to be donated to the Italian Red Cross in support of the victims of the earthquake that struck Amatriciana, Norcia and its environs.

It is possible to buy this collection of four pieces for £80.00 (~€95.00).

Included in the price:
  • A donation of € 30.00 for the Italian Red Cross.
  • Shipping and packing costs in (almost) worldwide by ordinary mail.

(If you need special shipping we will ask you to pay an additional fee to cover expenses.)

New Catrinas in this series will soon be available in the catalog.

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